Right Place

Atlanta and the state of Georgia are now considered to be an international entertainment center. The mainstream music industry has had an economic impact on the state for many years. Now film, television, theatre, dance, opera, symphony, video games, and many other forms of entertainment are being created in our state and playing a major role in its economy as well. With the establishment of the Joel A. Katz Music and Entertainment Business Program, Kennesaw State is positioned to be a major resource to this vibrant, growing music and entertainment industry.

Right People

The curriculum of the program is built around lectures from successful local, as well as national, industry leaders who come to campus to speak to our classes and serve as panelists at our informative and cutting-edge seminars. Our students have the opportunity to get real world, hands-on experience in the industry through our externship and internship programs that we make available. Through these programs they learn from some of the top professionals in the entertainment business.

Right Time

Never has the music and entertainment industry gone through as much change and innovation as in the past decade. What the future will bring is in the hands of young thinkers and those willing to explore "outside the box" or to forget that there even is a box! That is the attitude we strive to inspire in our students. Technology is driving the industry and new methods of distribution and production of creative content are being developed in exciting new ventures. We believe our students will be key players in these new ventures and insure that the future of the music and entertainment industry is in good hands.

The Joel A. Katz Music and Entertainment Business Program at Kennesaw State University is a part of the Coles College of Business.


The purpose of the multi-disciplinary program is to provide the foundation of practical experiences, on-the-job training, and exploration of career opportunities in the music and entertainment industry. Success in the music and entertainment business requires a variety of skills from diverse fields.


The mission of the Music and Entertainment Business Program is "to educate students to become professionals in an environment that motivates and enriches their intellectual curiosity to the level where they see themselves making music and entertainment their full lifetime career." - Joel A. Katz