Elizabeth Keener

Film and Television Instructor

KeenerElizabeth Keener is a seasoned actress based out of Atlanta. Her nine years in the industry have included two years in Los Angeles and offer a wealth of knowledge for students seeking to grow as performers in TV/Film as well as in the commercial hosting realm. Elizabeth has studied with professionals in Atlanta including Shannon Eubanks, Bob Harter and Della Cole; also studying with The Groundings and Crystal Carson in Los Angeles. Presently, she studies privately with Vince Pisani and has begun to work with Whole World Improv Theater since January 2013. Her resume boasts work on Battle: Los Angeles, The Vampire Diaries, Drop Dead Diva, Death Sentence, One Tree Hill, Army Wives, etc. Commercially, and in hosting she has represented a wealth of varying companies; most notably WellStar, TNT, and Braves Live on Fox Sports South. Elizabeth’s versatile experience will help offer good insight and practical application for students seeking to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. When she is not working as an actress, she also enjoys writing songs and attending stand-up comedy shows around the city.